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Rabu, 11 Jun 2008

Fuel: Opps, they did it again!

Fuel: Opps, they did it again!


Now it is really happen.


Fuel cost price has increased.

TNB tariff will increase.

He...( ).... said:

It has to be done due to the fact that our subsidy for fuel only has reached up to RM21 billion the same cost for our development cost.


We follow the global price! [1] (Aha! How about mention Petronos as one of the most quality exporter petroleum in the world).[2]


So that is the cause?

He...( ).... said they will provide rebates,

He...( ).... said they will transfer the subsidy to the food’s i.e flour subsidy

(Opss, has he forgotten that we eat rice? I’m sorry I have forgotten too that we will have to spend almost RM400 Million on subsidies rice import despite we have our own ’sawah padi’. That will be another different [3] story.)

He...( ).... said they wouldn’t be any goods increasing price because streamlined diesel subsidy is RM1.43.[4]

Oh, yeah!

I know they said we pay lesser then Singapore and Thailand[5] (Hello! We have petroleum and they didn’t, ok! A mistaken analogy, indeed if in Arabic we called it "Qias Ma’al Fariq")

So I’m wondering about a lot of things.

It just I want to keep it just for myself for now.

( The key secret is: Priority. We have been misconduct the priority since whenever and now we have to suffer despite that Malaysia has almost everything).[6]

What have you been wondering.

Chegu has said on his blog. Oh, I’m his fan. (Though I didn’t visit his blog for quite some time)

Don’t any one, absolutely no one, tell us to change our lifestyles. Got it? What, do you think we are stupid? Yes, we are going to make a lot of noise, that’s what you will get for being the government but while shouting and screaming and kicking we will adjust our lifestyle to the new situation. Yes, the word is adjust not change

And Frankie said to Chegu’s post

Well said chegu. My take is after plundering the country, now they want to plunder the subsidies meant for the rakyat. The price increase of fuel will help saves the subsidies handed out by the government and the amount saved, if it goes to the rakyat and be a catalyst to the economy, I have no problem, but if it goes to the pockets of the politicians on the pretence of buying new timing belt for the submarines, then I think we have a big problem.

Tawel Sensei said:

Kalau saya ada kereta berkuasa udara, saya akan ketawakan manusia yang berebut-rebut mengisi minyak sebelum kenaikan harganya dalam beberapa jam lagi. Saya juga tak akan layan mana-mana manusia yang mahu membasuh otak saya untuk percaya bahawa kenaikan harga minyak di Malaysia adalah gara-gara Barisan Nasional memerintah Malaysia.

How about you?

[1] Based on The Economist newspaper crude measure, not everyone is paying higher prices for oil.

[2] Petronas

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